Gunbot logs contain most of the information it works with. This article provides an overview of the different sections in these logs, and explains how to read them.

This article applies to all strategies except Emotionless, which has intentionally limited log output.

Log files per trading pair are automatically saved in the /gunbot_logs folder and automatically rotated to zipped backups after reaching a filesize of 25MB. Up to three backup logfiles are kept per trading pair.


When you are using a strategy that contains trailing, a few sections of a log cycle contain all information related to trailing.

Log entries for TrailMe trailing and TSSL look almost identical and follow the same logic, only the starting points for trailing are different.

Buy trailing

A buy order will occur when Last price crosses up Stop limit and is below the lowest EMA.

When the logs state that the price is in range, that means the current price is between Stop limit and TrailingBuy limit.

Sell trailing

A sell order will occur when Last price crosses down StopLoss limit after it was in range and respects GAIN.

When the logs state that the price is in range, that means the current price is between StopLoss limit and TrailingStop limit.

If you've set TSSL_TARGET_ONLY to false, sell orders would also be placed without respecting GAIN. This can only be used for TSSL, not for TrailMe

The "grid"

The so called grid area contains all information about core checks, indicators and trading checks. This section should always show for cycles processed correctly (except for emotionless, no grid is shown for this strategy).

Core checks


The indicators section shows all indicators as calculated by Gunbot.

Trading checks


This section shows accurate profit/loss statistics per trading pair. Fees are already deducted.

All trades fetched from the exchange are analysed, using IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE can cause that only trades from a certain time and date are fetched and analysed.

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