Code editor

Built-in editor for Gunbot JSON config files and custom JavaScript strategies.

Edit Gunbot config files, view internal data and work on custom strategies right in the Gunbot interface.

Unless you prefer working with config files or JavaScript code, you will never need this editor. If you do prefer config files, this editor allows you to configure everything you would normally do with an external text editor, and makes sure you don't save any invalid JSON to your configs.

Supported files

Currently the following file types are supported:




Main config file. Read and write support.


Used to define AutoConfig jobs. Read and write support.

Editor has templates for all job and filter types, as autocomplete suggestions.

pair state files

Internal data. Read only.

custom strategies

Custom JavaScript strategies, saved in the /customStrategies folder. Read and write support.

Editor has autocomplete suggestions for all Gunbot specific methods and data.

config backups

Backups of config.js and autoconfig.json. Read only.

Each time a config changed is done though the GUI, a config backup of the previous state is saved. You can view every past revision.

Code suggestions

The editor has autocomplete suggestions to assist in writing valid autoconfig jobs, and to have easy access to custom strategy methods and data point.

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