Chart & results

Monitor your trading pairs with all bot targets directly visualized on the chart.

Monitoring and evaluating your trades is an important aspect of bot trading. Gunbot makes it easy to visualize the trades it makes, this will help you to keep improving your trading strategies.


The built in charts uses the same candle data as the bot core works with. Indicators are calculated using the TradingView library. Charts go as far back as the exchange API returns candles to your bot.

Trades and relevant strategy targets are automatically drawn on the chart, like for example the avg. entry price of a position, the exit point or dca target.

Some target lines are movable, you can use these to visually change the target of your strategy. After dragging a target you'll see that the "save changes" button appears, the new target applies after saving.

The Overview and Markets sidebars let you quickly navigate between pairs, do manual trades or edit pair specific settings.


Get a quick overview of your active trading pairs on the dashboard. Each exchange gets their own dashboard. If you have multiple exchanges running simultaneously there are also grouped dashboards for all spot and margin pairs.

Profit and loss

Go to PNL analysis on the dashboard to get detailed statistics about all active trading pairs.

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