About Gunbot strategies

Trading strategies are sets of rules that govern trading execution.

A strategy in Gunbot is a set of rules for trading, you can assign it to one or more trading pairs and tweak every setting precisely how you want it.

Gunbot strategies follow the AND principle

Every buy or sell condition you set, must occur in the same round of processing.

Because strategies are a very long topic, the documentation is split into different pages:

Trading methodsProtectionsRegular strategies (spot trading)Margin trading strategiesCustom strategies


You can save as many strategy presets as you want. The built-in presets are generally meant as a good starting point for an individual strategy.

There are built-in presets for every available trading method. Additionally, there are a few pre-tuned presets available:

  • emotionless-medium: same as the regular emotionless strategy, but less conservative when buying.

  • emotionless-fast: same as the regular emotionless strategy, but very trigger happy when buying.

  • bbta-tssl: a combination between buying with BBTA and selling with tssl.

  • gain-stochrsicross: based on gain, combined with StochRSI in cross mode as confirming indicator.

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