Easy edit

A simpler way to configure a trading pair with a custom strategy

As an alternative to the advanced pair and strategy editors you can use Easy edit, a wizard for spot trading that guides you through all needed steps to set up a trading pair with a custom strategy.

Step 1: select a trading pair

First select the exchange you want to add a pair for.

Then if the exchange supports it, you can select your desired trading pair from a list of all available pairs. If you don't see a list of trading pairs after selecting an exchange, add your pair manually in the format Gunbot expects, like BTC-ETH or USDT-BTC.

Step 2: name your new strategy, or select an existing strategy

Give your strategy a name, so you can assign it to more trading pairs in the future or use it as template for strategy variations.

If you pick an existing strategy, it's loaded into the wizard as a template and saved as a copy in case you make any modifications. The original strategy won't get changed when using Easy edit.

Step 3: set strategy conditions

Follow the steps to create the trading conditions for your pair. This is exactly how the bot will trade.

The wizard only shows you the most relevant settings so you can focus on the essentials. Some parameters like "min volume to sell" are automatically set in the background.

If you later want to fine tune your strategy, you can use the advanced editor to edit every possible advanced strategy option.

Step 4: review and save

Review your changes and save to add the pair to your bot and start trading it.

After saving the pair can be edited on the Pairs page, the strategy can be tuned on Strategies.

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