New in v11

New features

  • Huobi support: Gunbot now supports trading at Huobi.

  • Improved indicators and charts: tuning of indicators to better match TradingView, indicators shown in the GUI now match the indicator data Gunbot works with.

  • Mobile optimization: the GUI is now optimized for use on mobile devices.

  • TV margin trading: margin trading using the TradingView add-on is now supported at Huobi and Bitfinex.

  • Multiple base: the new MULTIPLE_BASE lets you trade the same coin with multiple base currencies.

  • Override trading limit for TV: specify the trading limit in buy alerts to override your config: BUY_POLONIEX_BTC-ETH_0.01

  • Stop trading after a number of sell orders: with COUNT_SELL you can disable trading after a configurable number of executed strategy sell orders.

  • Automatically disable bought price override: you can now leave a BOUGHT_PRICE in place after you've set it, it is automatically disabled as soon as a valid price is available at the exchange.

  • Configurable buyback level for RT: with RT_BUY_UP_LEVEL you can specify when to buy back quote units, in previous versions this was hardcoded to the break-even point.

  • Ichimoku: implement DISPLACEMENT.

  • Improved portfolio value calculation: portfolio value calculation no longer depends on a third party conversion service.

  • Stop limit / panic sell orders as market: where supported, stop limit orders are now placed as market orders to increase the likelyhood of filling them asap.

  • Gain protection for all strategies: every sell method can now optionally use gain protection.

  • Stepgain XTrend: the use of XTrend to confirm orders with stepgain is now optional, trading without this confirmation roughly equals the legacy stepgain behavior.

  • Numerical DCA method: Double Up can now be used without any indicators, working purely with price changes.

  • Never buy above: only allow buy orders at a configurable percentage below the last sell rate.

  • New strategy presets: every new installation now includes several new strategy presets.


Most critical issues were already patched in the bugfix releases for v10. Notable new fixes:

  • Improved load times for the GUI on the dasbhoard and charts pages. Mitigating timeout errors during GUI load.

  • Allow Bittrex International users to use Gunbot on the new platform.

  • Several fixes for KEEP_QUOTE.

  • Depreciating the separate RT process for stepgain. The normal RT process is now used.

  • Fix several issues where partially filled orders would mess with RT.

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