New in v18

Here's a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot v18

Gunbot v18 is primarily a bugfix release, patching known issues.


There are no config changes for v18 In case you are upgrading from v16.x, replacing only the executable file (gunthy-win.exe / gunthy-linux / gunthy-macos / gunthy-arm) is all that's needed to upgrade.

In case you are upgrading from an older version, refer to the changelogs of previous versions for instructions, or start with a fresh installation.

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Changes in v18

  • Fixed all pending reports for OKEx and Kraken Futures trading competitions

  • Various fixes for XRP pairs on Kraken Futures


  • Fix binanceFutures for Market Maker

  • Re-enable dudone: true in pair states

  • Fix cycling issues with EOS

  • Fix Binance futures close orders issues

  • fix Tradingview alerts for binance futures

  • Fix Kraken pairs not getting balances

  • Fix kumex grid for Market Maker

  • Autoconfig, fix non-existing check for pair passed filters for changing delay with manageOverrides job

  • Fix Autoconfig support for ARM

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