Critical errors

When there is a problem that might need attention, Gunbot usually shows an error notification in the GUI. Some errors are only visible in the console window running Gunbot.

For troubleshooting purposes, recent logs are stored in the /logs folder. After Gunbot is closed, logfiles can be read with a text editor like Notepad++.

This page describes common problems and their possible solutions.

Tips for troubleshooting

Always completely close and restart Gunbot before trying to resolve a critical issue.

Reboot your computer when you are unsure if you've completely closed Gunbot.

When resolving an isse that might be related to API rate limiting, stop running Gunbot for at least 30 minutes before trying to solve the problem.

Errors when starting Gunbot

The following errors are critical and will prevent trading, they indicate Gunbot could not properly start or connect to an exchange.

INVALID LICENSE FOR (exchange) Please contact your reseller!

Reason: master key is not registered

Possible solutions:

  • Double check if your master key and secret are correct and do not start or end with a blank space.

  • Verify that you are running the correct edition of Gunbot.

  • If the problem persists: contact your reseller.

Unable to connect to exchange

Reason: Various, most often a problem with time sync or pair naming.

Possible solutions:

  • Double check if your master key and secret are correct and do not start or end with a blank space.

  • Check if your system clock is synced with an internet time server. Tool for Windows / Info for Linux

  • Make sure both a valid master key and key are present in your config.

  • Make sure your pairs actually exist on the exchange and conform to Gunbot pair syntax.

  • Increase exchange delay, the exchange might have rate limited you. Stop Gunbot and wait at least 30 minutes before retrying.

  • Make sure all Gunbot files were correctly unzipped.

  • Make sure the IMAP listener is disabled (when not using the TradingView add-on).

  • Try a wired internet connection.

  • Restart your router and/or flush your DNS cache.

Invalid response from license server

Reason: Usually a network issue

Possible solutions:

  • Try a wired internet connection.

  • Restart your router and/or flush your DNS cache.

Error: bind EADDRINUSE null:5000

Reason: Other process is already using the specified port number

Possible solutions:

  • Restart your computer.

  • When other software requires using any of the ports needed for Gunbot, change the ports Gunbot uses in the config.js file.

Can't access GUI anymore

Reason: Config error preventing core to properly load


  • Set start false in the GUI section of config.js, with a text editor like Notepad++. Save the file and you should be able to connect to the GUI again.


Reason: https not enabled and the browser forces an https connection

Possible solutions:

  • Enable https in the config.js file.

  • Visit Gunbot via http, instead of https.

Invalid signature

Reason: API issue

Possible solutions:

  • Double check your API secret.

  • Make sure your API key is activated on CEX.

  • Make sure you filled in your ClienID, passphrase or password in the exchange connection settings.

Errors after successfully starting Gunbot

The following orders can prevent trading when occurring very often. When any of these errors only occur intermittently, there is usually no issue that needs solving.

Received broken open orders info: retrying again

Reason: Exchange did not send requested order data

Possible solutions:

  • Ensure proper internet connectivity.

  • Increase exchange delay.

Fetching OHLC again

Reason: There is not enough trading volume to receive the number of requested candles

Possible solutions:

  • Try a different setting for PERIOD

  • Try other trading pairs with more volume.

WARNING: BUY order from more than 30 days ago.

Reason: Bought price for asset is unknown or it's impossible to sell an asset due to a wrongly configured MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL

Possible solutions:

  • Add BOUGHT_PRICE as an override for your pair.

  • Correct the MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL value for your pair.

TypeError: Cannot read x of undefined

Reason: Problem with one or your pairs

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure that you have not accidentally removed one of your exchanges and still have pairs connected to it.

  • Check if all of the pairs in your setup actually exist on your exchange and conform to Gunbot pair syntax (BASE-QUOTE).

  • Wait until the exchange finishes possible maintenance.

Poloniex: 422

Reason: Exceeding API rate limit

Possible solution:

  • Increase the exchange delay for Poloniex.

Stop trying to access exchanges you don't have a license to

Reason: Gunbot core is not running on an already registered key


  1. Stop Gunbot core.

  2. Check your exchanges/pairs and make sure to only have pairs set for exchanges that you already have a registered API key for.

  3. Start Gunbot core, verify it starts without errors.

  4. Refresh Gunbot in your browser.

  5. Go to the "swap exchanges" page and make your desired changes.

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