New in v13 / v14

Here's a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot v14.

Gunbot v13/v14 focuses on bugfixes and improving user experience. That's why this time there is no long list of new features, just a long list of improvements.


Download the update and unpack it to a new folder, copy the config.js and gunbotgui.db files from your previous v12 installation into the new folder to keep your settings.

  • Empty your browser cache for your Gunbot GUI (for example with ctrl-F5).

  • In case you used https for the GUI, also make sure to copy both the key and certificate files to the new folder.

  • If you have pairs that are already in DU or RT, also copy the /json folder from v12 to v13.

  • New strategy parameters for v13 will be automatically added through the GUI the first time you update a strategy. This happens on a per strategy basis.

  • Make sure to set the new Admin ID for Telegram, for better privacy.

  • When you use email alerts, make sure the syntax of your alerts is correct.

  • If you also want to migrate your settings for the Telegram bot, copy the tgconfig.json file to your new folder as well.

Due to new libraries used, you cannot simply overwrite the executable for this release.

New features / changes in v13

  • New exchanges: Gunbot now supports trading on Idax and Cobinhood. Please note that Cobinhood only has an API key, not an API secret - use an IP restriction for your key for added security.

  • Restrict buying with SMACROSS : you can now restrict SMACROSS to only place a single buy order, instead of buying on every cross up. Set SINGLE_BUY true to only allow a single buy order.

  • Improved privacy for Cryptosight: restrict who is allowed to view and interact with your Telegram bot. Use the admin_id setting to specify one or more user IDs that are allowed to use your Telegram bot.

  • Improved GUI template: better optimized for mobile usage, different color schemes and support for setting a custom highlight color.

  • Changes to margin trading on Bitfinex (TV add-on): all amounts should now be specified in quote.

  • Different alert syntax for closing positions on Bitmex (TV add-on): longs are now closed with CLOSELONG_, shorts with CLOSESHORT_ instead of CLOSE_ for both.

  • New path for log files: per pair log files are now saved in the /gunbot_logs folder.

Additional changes in patch release (v14):

  • Improved ROE calculation for Bitmex: values now closely match the leveraged ROE values on Bitmex itself. If you're unsure what value to use in Gunbot, refer to the examples on the margin strategy pages for ROE.

  • TradingView alerts on Bitmex Testnet: email alerts can now also be used on Testnet.

  • Close entire positions on Bitmex using alerts: enable TV_CLOSE_ALL to close an entire position when a close alert arrives, instead of closing the amount specified in trading limit settings.

  • SL_DISABLE_SELL : Disabled the sell side after a short position hit STOP_LIMIT.

  • Lending Rate (Poloniex): Allow for entering a maximum lending rate for margin positions.

Notice for Bitmex users

Disable STOP_LIMIT by setting it's value to 9999, to prevent accidental triggers.

Because it now triggers on leveraged ROE value, it could be that a previous lower setting causes unwanted stops.

Gunbot core bugfixes

Notable fixes:

  • Better support for new currencies on Kraken, whatever shitcoin they are going to list, Gunbot will be ready to trade without needing an update

  • Fix reversed orders array at Bittrex and Huobi

  • Fix an issue that would cause multiple buys at Binance

  • Fix an issue that would wrongly calculate trading map values on Binance

  • Improve backward compatibility of ABP calculations

  • Fix Huobi ABP

  • Fix "lowerCase of undefined" error

  • Improve SMACROSS behavior

  • Cancel all stop orders if ROE is reached, on Bitmex

  • Various fixes for manual orders through the GUI

  • Fix buy/sell stop orders on Bitmex, for both market and limit orders.

  • Fix STOP_LIMIT sometimes not working on Kraken

  • Fix stop orders triggering "waiting for open orders"

  • Fix Tl_ALLIN for long orders on Bitmex.

  • Fix MACD-H display on custom strat

  • Fix "toLowerCase" error

  • Available funds are now used only after an RT_SELL.

  • Fix FUNDS_RESERVE not being respected

  • Fix clientId issue on KuCoin

  • If a buy gets canceled then set off double buy protection.

  • Correct an error that sometimes caused orders to be cancelled too early

  • Improved triggering of DU orders

  • Fix RT_SELL, RT_BUY triggering

  • Fix "just bought"

  • Fix price precision for CoinBase Pro

Additional fixes in patch release (v14):

  • Fix rate NaN for some stop orders

  • Fix invalid tickSize for limit orders at Bitmex with USD-ETH.

  • Fix market sell orders with stop sell higher than zero.

  • Fix an issue that would keep stacking orders at Bitmex.

  • Fix an issue that would send wrong quantity for market buy at Bitmex.

  • Fix an issue that would silently fail to send sell market orders at Bitmex.

  • Fix to "min volume not matched" message.

  • Fix tick size for stop orders.

  • Fix Huobi fiat pairs

  • Fix stop order being sent at ask for stop buy.

  • Show MARKET_CLOSE in the GUI if is margin strat.

  • Fix ROE_TRAILING priority over ROE close.

  • Fix stop loss when a position is not even built yet because of exchanges delay.

  • Fix "just bought" not resetting, preventing further trades.

  • Fix ROE close and ROE trailing.

  • Fix send sell at ask and buy at bid, for certain trades.

  • Various fixes for order rounding and price precision for different exchanges.

TradingView add-on bugfixes

  • Fix TV plugin LONG orders amounts

  • Fix TV buy order at Bittrex

  • Fx an issue that would prevent some buy orders at Bitfinex using TV plugin

  • Fix CLOSELONG,CLOSESHORT for Bitfinex. All amounts for Bitfinex margin are now defined in quote

  • Better respect order amounts in LONG and SHORT alerts on Bitfinex.

  • Fix occasional errors for LONG,SHORT,CLOSELONG,CLOSESHORT on Bitmex.

GUI changes

Notable bugfixes and changes to the GUI:

  • New style and searchable dropdown selections

  • Add GUI Tone color-picker in theme

  • Fix navbar default active tab

  • Fix imap tooltips

  • Add themes for mobile

  • Add Notification panel for mobile

  • Update jquery cdn

  • Major graphic update

  • Improve mobile layout

  • Redesign login page

  • Update all the setting sections

  • Improved tooltip texts

  • Hide ROE_CLOSE for strategies that don't use it

Telegram changes

Notable changes to the Telegram bot:

  • Fix notification profit percentage

  • Hide wrong data in overview with multiple base

  • Ability to restrict Cryptosight access to one or more Telegram users

  • Fix creation/deletion of pairs. Changes are saved after going back to the main menu.

  • Show contracts and liquidation price for margin

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