License info & system specs

Minimum requirements for running Gunbot.

Gunbot runs from your own Windows, macOS, Linux or ARMv7 computer or server. You are free to run multiple instances across multiple platforms and devices.

  • CPU: 64-bit

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Disk space: 10 GB free disk space

  • Network: stable broadband network connection

Blockchain based license system

Gunbot uses a blockchain based license validation system. It uses our own ERC-20 utility token called "GUNTHY". Using this system, you can manage your own registered API keys and change them anytime, or even sell your license to a third party.

Your wallet address, combined with a number of tokens, is your Gunbot license key.

Wallet registration and token distribution happens after the initial license purchase through a reseller.

You are responsible for your own API keys and GUNTHY wallet.

Please understand that we might not be able to help you if you lose all your registered API keys and (access to) your wallet address. Make sure to follow all the security advise when setting up a wallet and properly save and backup the API key(s) used for Gunbot.

Extend license options using Gunthy tokens

If you own a Gunbot Standard license or higher, you can extend your license in a few ways by holding more Gunthy tokens than were delivered to you after the initial purchase.

Get a total of 3 API slots when you hold 1500 tokens, get a total of 5 API slots when you hold 2500 tokens.

Some Gunthy modules are not for sale, they are only available to Gunbot license holder with a substantial token balance. This is the case for bitRage and Gunthy Market Maker.

This token balance is the main factor in your "user rank", you see your user rank in the bot startup messages. If you reach rank 20, you automatically get access to bitRage. If you reach rank 10 you automatically get access to Market Maker.

As long as your token balance does not decrease, access to these modules stays. The ranking system is not a competition between users, you can't lose your ranking when other users increase their token holding.

Token airdrops and requirements

After you've registered your wallet address, you'll receive an airdrop with the required amount of tokens for your license type. Hold these tokens at all times to be sure your Gunbot can run.

These are the required amounts for undiscounted license types:

  • Starter: 400

  • Standard: 1000

  • Pro: 1500

  • Ultimate: 2500

Discounted license have reduced token requirements.

Tokens for new users are generally airdropped within 24 hours after registering the wallet address.


Are there costs involved when I update my API key?

No, when you manage your own API keys there are no costs for changing them.

How often can I update my API key?

You can update your API keys as often as you want.

Can I run multiple Gunbot instances using the same GUNTHY wallet?


I have more than one registered API key for the same exchange, what to do?

If you have multiple registered API keys for the same exchange, each key needs to be registered to a different GUNTHY wallet. You must run multiple Gunbot instances to do so.

Can I change my API key to another exchange?

Yes, you can change to any supported exchange at any time.

Is it mandatory to register a GUNTHY wallet for my API keys?


Can't I just use any wallet address?

Abuse will not be tolerated. Only use your own GUNTHY wallet address in Gunbot, not a wallet provided by an exchange. Using your own wallet address is the only way to receive and control the required amount of tokens.

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