New in v15

Here's a quick overview of the most important changes introduced with Gunbot v15.

Gunbot v15 is a major release: it includes support for over 100 new exchanges - including Binance US and HitBTC - and a pre release of AutoConfig.


Download the update and unpack it to a new folder, copy the config.js and gunbotgui.db files from your previous installation into the new folder to keep your settings.

  • Make sure to set TRADING_FEES for each exchange, in the exchange section (it changed from being a strategy setting to being an exchange setting. Either through the GUI or in config.js.

  • Make sure to add the AutoConfig section to config.js, see the example config file in the v15 release files.

  • Empty your browser cache for your Gunbot GUI (for example with ctrl-F5).

  • In case you used https for the GUI, also make sure to copy both the key and certificate files to the new folder.

  • If you have pairs that are in DU or RT, also copy the /json folder from your previous installation.

  • When you use email alerts, make sure the syntax of your alerts is correct.

  • If you also want to migrate your settings for the Telegram bot, copy the tgconfig.json file to your new folder as well.

New features / changes in v15

  • Over 100 new supported exchanges: Gunbot now supports spot trading on all exchanges supported by the ccxt library! This includes support for email alerts through the TradingView add-on.

  • Trading fees setting moves to exchange section: for easier strategy handling, the TRADING_FEES setting is now configurable per exchange. It's no longer a strategy setting.

  • Limit orders for TradingView add-on: optionally you can now let the TradingView add-on place limit orders instead of market orders.

  • Pre-release of AutoConfig: with AutoConfig you can automate all kinds of things you previously could only do by hand. For example you can use it automatically add high volume trading pairs, assign a bag handling strategy for pairs that are not performing well, or automatically update pair overrides. It's called a pre-release because there no GUI for it yet, it's fully functional though.

Gunbot core bugfixes

Notable fixes:

  • Bring back Telegram integration for the ARM edition.

  • Porting many small exchange fixes from bitRage to Gunbot.

  • Fix an issue that could cause unwanted restarts on Poloniex.

  • Fix "bought already" problem that prevented trading for some users.

  • Fix two long standing bugs that caused trailing to sometimes not trigger an order.

  • Fix an issue on Kraken and Bittrex that caused all pairs to wait when there was an open order for a single pair.

  • Fix an issue that could sometimes invert ROE on Bitmex.

  • Fix for TV stoploss alerts.

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