Bot settings

Information about global bot settings.

The bot settings menu lets you change global settings that affect all trading pairs.

To change them, go to Global settings > Bot

Settings descriptions

Below you'll find detailed descriptions for bot settings.

Watch mode

When set to true, Gunbot will process the configured pairs, but will not place actual buy or sell orders. Good for testing.

This option is meant for blocking strategy buy and sell orders for spot trading, it may not apply to every single order type.

Multiple base

Use this option to trade pairs with cross-over between quote and base (for example BTC-ETH and ETH-ADA).

When enabled, Gunbot won't sell all available quote units when selling, instead it will only sell the invested funds (as defined in the trading limit). Also affects the TradingView add-on.

Only enable this when you really need it, it is known to cause sell order execution problems when selling positions that were not bought by the bot. If you experience errors when selling, try turning off this settings

Clean cache

This parameter forces the Gunbot cache to be cleaned by restarting the bot every x hours.

Only set this to a low value when your bot actually has problems not trading after a longer period of use. If you for example see heap memory related warnings in your logs, it might be a good idea to clean cache more often.

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