Bot does not trade

A common question among new users is "why does my bot not trade?

There could be complicated reasons why this is the case, but often it's really simple.

Checklist if your bot does not trade

Before you ask for help, go over this checklist:

  • Verify that your bot is correctly running. If you see a "grid" output with trading data in the console window, then your bot is usually correctly processing pairs.

  • Make sure that you have the Watch Mode option disabled.

  • Make sure that your trading strategy has both buying and selling enabled. You can find these settings in the Strategy Configurator.

  • Double check that the essential balance settings are set correctly, above the exchange minimum trade size.

  • Try reducing the setting for Buy Level. The default setting of 1 can be very restrictive on some pairs or days where the market does not move much.

  • If you use trailing for selling, try reducing the sell range.

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